Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ancient Foot-in-Ass Kung Fu Technique

So if anyone (Zach) is interested in how that software uninstall went, there were some definite repurcussions. Outlook started crashing when the client tried to send an e-mail. I'm not sure why this happened, but I ended up having to reinstall the entire Office suite to give the executable the resources it needs. That didn't repair the DLL issue, though - the registry was still telling it to expect to see the file. But I found out how to disable that from within the software, so everything works and starts clean.


Zach said...

The computer world is passing me by. My Kung Fu is ancient tiger style, and therefore not so useful. Once Windows Vista comes out, I'll be two operating systems behind. Somehow, though, a story like this makes me not mind so much. I suppose you weren't able to get through the user settings to access the other admin account.

Jim said...

I've actually had to do something pretty similar: I have ProTools on my laptop for doing live recording with my MBox, and ProTools is allergic to Symantec AV (and lots of other things).

After pleas to John Woo went unanswered, I choreographed two registry hacks disguised as mild-mannered .cmd files. The first one hacks a user profile *not* currently in use to disable AV, the wired/wireless NICs, the firewall and other various stuff, and then reboots *into* the other (audio recording) profile. The 2nd hack reverses the process, putting the laptop into a state safe for business use. Note that registry key trees are saved and restored each time, to preserve any updated info (like most recent patches applied...) that the AV program may have added to the registry since the day that I wrote the hacks.

Sometime soon I'll revisit the hacks, to adapt them for a newer laptop -- if you're curious about the details, let me know.