Friday, May 26, 2006

Cowboys and sailors, oh my

A while back, I met Randy Jones, the original cowboy from the Village People. Events transpired, cocktails were bought, and names were added to mailing lists. I think that I posted the story on my MySpace blog.

On Tuesday, I found an e-mail from him in my hotmail. Just a mass e-mail, but it's still fun to be getting invites to things from pop icons. It was a benefit party for the Tourettes Syndrome Association. So I called the girl I was going to be going dancing with on Thursday and got her on board for this as well - I hate velvet ropes, unless I'm going to be on a list, and then I just have to go. My roommate, unfortunately, is out auditioning today, so he had to turn down clubbing last night.

Anyway, the Tourettes party wasn't supposed to really start until midnight, so we added it on for after going dancing. I wore low-slung boot jeans, a polo my uncle got in the 80's, and the harness boots that are a partial replacement for my combats, which have a hole in them now, and threw a pair of jazz shoes in my pocket. One reason that I'm going to have to get something more similar to the combats is that this is the kind of evening where I'd usually just wear them the whole time, because I hate changing shoes when I go dancing. The girl in question wore a black dress and La Ducas at the first place, then a smaller black dress and a shoe that's not a couple hundred dollar investment designed for musical theatre dance for Quo, where the party was.

Quo has really cool lighting. Lots of LED fixtures fading through different colors lighting vertical columns full of water. Really expensive booze, but it is a night club. The volume was so high that I could hear the giant speakers struggling to produce it cleanly. Girl and I had a Glenlivet on the rocks, which I highly recommend - very mellow Scotch, which I won't do the disrespect of comparing to something else. She immediately took out some of the ice. I like people who truly enjoy what they drink. There were a number of sailors around, who I'll return to later.

The event was emcee'd by a model, don't remember who, who has Tourette's. Any Tourette's symptoms were not in evidence, but he was a strong argument for the idea that models shouldn't be allowed to speak - long, rambling comments that eventually meandered their way into introductions for the performers. The first one was an aging disco queen who had her track started twice. To her credit, someone used to performing with a live band is used to having a monitor mix designed to be useful, rather than the house mix which is not. But still. Following her, more remarks, then Randy Jones who looked relaxed and pleased to be there, but not too worried or overly excited. He came off as charming and very genuine, and got everyone in the club to engage in his performances - "I'm a believer" and "YMCA." He brought the sailors up on stage before YMCA, which should make it that much easier for them to get a little extra out of the evening, and someone shot a bunch of pictures afterwards. Should be an interesting thing to show their shipmates if they get copies.

Randy and his husband recognized me when I went to say "Hi," which is always fun. They invited me to drink with them, but I have to work today and my friend does too, so we left shortly after. But a fun evening, and she wants to go see a real ballet with me.

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Randy Jones said...

Thanks for your very nice words. And we're having the annual b'day party Friday night, Sept. 7th...Are you gonna be there? Lili is gonna be outta town, but we'd sure like to see your face. It's Friday night, so you can stay and have a cocktail this time. See ya.