Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Serial 2

Manhattan and the others waited in the silence for what seemed like an eternity. After what she knew to be only an hour and a half, the automatons started to appear. When the first one winked into existance, Manhattan and her comrades attacked simultaneously, and it was gone almost as fast as it had appeared. They all vented some heat and then held it in again, and didn't even allow themselves a comment.

Three more automatons trickled in, and the six destroyed them as easily as the first. Next, about twenty arrived in quick succession. Newark really had bitten off more than he could chew. Since the automatons could see her attack anyway, Manhattan stopped trying to hold her heat, and none of the others did either. The area became a hell of ordnance and stray energy. While before, Manhattan had looked and listened so intently it almost hurt, now the glare made it difficult to distinguish friend from foe. Manhattan was attacking as fast as she could vent heat from her weapons and the humans she travelled with could supply her guided and inertial launchers.

Then, as quickly as things got loud, the remaining automatons fled. Manhattan counted six heat signatures as they turned tail and ran, and another three floated in the darkness, heat and energy pouring out of their battered bodies.

Riding high on the excitement of the fight, Manhattan pushed in the direction the automatons had gone. Bronx and Queens followed, while Newark, Nassau, and Brooklyn stayed behind with damage of their own to worry about.

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