Sunday, May 07, 2006


Many of my friends are too paranoid and/or cool to do MySpace. While I can identify with the first condition, I think the second one's a little silly. So I'm going to comfort myself with the fact that everyone's on MySpace, so obviously if I commute to somewhere else I'm less cool than I was when I had a blog there.

Why reflections? It's a pun. On reflecting, as in thinking, and as in a mirror. Because I'm a theatre person and theatre is supposed to hold a Magic Mirror to society. Magic mirrors are also supposed to be able to show otherwise invisible things, like the random contents of my head for anyone who's masochistic enough to care about that kind of thing. Which should tip you off that I'm not working on a theme or trying to reach any standards of quality. I'll save that for work.


Zach said...

You should make the "blogger" bar at the top black.

Andrew said...

So I spent a while trying to figure out where the bar is discussed in the css or html code. Then I found the pull-down menu.