Friday, June 30, 2006

Used a French bowline at work. Damn.

My father wanted to see a shot of the rope and hardware he bought me in action, so here it is. The knot above that PAR bar is a French bowline, then the line goes up through a sheave and down to where it's tied off to the scaff, allowing me to climb up and put the bar into the C-clamps that will ultimately support it. My friends all know the application I first learned the French bowline for. Too bad this is how I ended up using it in practice the first time.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Better living through chemistry

So from time to time I get bored with my appearance and do something to my hair. Right now I'm blond. The little bit of white in the upper-right hand corner of the picture is the inside of the massive closet in the apartment the theatre company hooked me up with; this is the best light in the apartment - high sidelight from the bulb in the closet and a diagonal frontlight about 30 degrees off straight from the ceiling fixture in the room, with the flash on my camera disabled. The background is a towel draped over the closet door to cut the glare.

Truss. Yay truss!

Last time I bought a phone, the cheapest one at the store was a camera phone. I recently tried e-mailing myself from it and lo and behold it worked. So this is a picture taken last week. Those trusses are now on top of the scaffold and have lights and cables on them.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Never seen women do that...

Last night I hit the Lark Tavern, around the corner from my building, for a "because it's Saturday" drink. I ended up stumbling on a burlesque performance by a local touring troupe. They danced, sang, and wore sparkly underwear. I think it says a lot about who I know and who's doing this type of performance that when I walked in I assumed I was watching a drag show. In any case, it was a lot of fun, and if you're in the "capital region," which I suppose is a reasonable name for the area around Albany, check it out.

The other thing that was interesting about watching this is that the performers all looked like amateurs - not in a bad sense, but in the sense of they're accountants or something during the day. Probably. Anyway, the women I'm used to seeing are either dancers, professional or hoping to be, or electricians and carpenters. This group were considerably less muscular. There's something more exposed about a normal body than an athletic body, even with the same amount of flesh on display.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

We have a stage now.

Aside from "I built a lot of that," there's not much to say. Well, also that this will be the biggest stage I've lit. The width out to the massive holes is going to be the playing space, with the rest concealed behind masking.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer Job

This is where I'm going to be working this summer, as seen from a followspot tower.
This is the other followspot tower, and some of the seating.

That's the silly, silly car I drove up last night.

More seating, and the light booth.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Albany or Bust (or Ich tue es selbst. Weibchen.)

So I finally got myself packed, stored, and up to Albany. Which was a really long day. For various reasons mainly including my own disorganization, I didn't finish packing my stuff last night, so I did it this morning, after a bank run and waiting a suitable period for my roommate and his gay-best-friend to wake up and be out of my way. Which meant that instead of going over to the storage place in the morning to fill out paperwork and pick up a van, it happened this afternoon.

So I take the van, which is huge - a GMC 3500 back to my apartment and put most of my worldly goods into it. Drove it back to the storage place, and backed it up to the loading dock. I was proud of my ability to back it up to that dock. I had no spotter, the spaces were standard width, and the only one available had both vehicles next to it sitting right on the line. And it was off of a narrow one-way street. So I had to back and fill backwards into this spot, and not cause property damage. And I succeeded.

Now you might wonder how many trips it takes to put all of one's worldly possessions into a 64 cubic foot locker. Three. Once for the four big boxes. Once for a couple of bags and most of my boots. And once for most of my clothes, my file cabinet, and my snowboard. On the one hand, I like it that I'm not tied down by owning too much stuff. On the other hand, it's a little depressing (and wrong, but whatever) to think that if I ceased to be, that's all I'd leave behind. So I turn in the van, having had it for maybe an hour. Expensive hour - I bought the insurance, because my credit card doesn't cover vehicles in that class.

Then some other stuff happened that's boring.

After that, I had to get my rental vehicle for driving up to Albany. The astute reader might ask, "Andrew, why did you rent a cargo van in the morning and another vehicle in the evening?" The answer, gentle readers, is that a one-way rental of a U-haul vehicle costs $250. Other cargo rental houses charge even more. So I determined I was going to take the train, rather than drive. I realized last night while worrying about the fact that my special expensive box for shipping my bike hadn't arrived that I might be able to do a one-way rental of a non-cargo class vehicle for a lot less. So I did some research and decided to get an SUV from Budget. Cheaper than the combination of train and bike shipment. Also means I can bring more stuff, and when I learned I needed to bring my own bedding, I started to get worried. After reserving the SUV I read my contract for the van, which I'd already put a deposit on, and learned that I was pretty much committed. On the other hand, cargo vans really are better for moving cargo.

So at this point I'm about three hours behind schedule. When I call Budget, they've given away my SUV, but might have another, bigger one available. I tell them to reserve it, which doesn't require a credit card number, and ask the Enterprise people around the corner from my building about one-way rentals. Enterprise doesn't do that, but within regions, they can finagle things. Which still costs more than Budget. So off I go to midtown.

The full-size SUV they have is the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. This thing is pimped out. Leather interior, kick-ass sound system. Also a mushy suspension, sort of like a pick-up's height and an old American luxury car's softness, pedals with a really light push, and an engine that doesn't have too much pick-up under any circumstances and fades quickly. I'm missing that 3500 van. Not really - once I hit 87 North, the trip consisted of me keeping the car between the paint lines while the cruise control kept it at 75 and I listened to the aforementioned kick-ass stereo. But I would have enjoyed a more responsive feel.

So there was much driving. The New Jersey turnpike was messed up. Albany has a serious signage problem. And now I'm here. I have to move the car by 9am tomorrow for street cleaning, so I think I'll drive it the block or so into the park that I need to go for my 9am meeting. My apartment is huge, though, and I get the big bedroom with the big closet. I think I'm the highest-ranking person staying here. Yay algebra and trig. And artistic talent.