Monday, August 28, 2006

The Last Full-service Gas Station in Brooklyn

I drove back from Albany on Friday. It was another Ford SUV, the Escape this time, which was a little smaller than the Excursion or whatever it was that I rented the last time, but still sucky, for the same reasons. But no leather. It had one of those cool GPS robot things that tells you where to turn, though. That was kind of cool.

But after I found JFK (closest place this rental place had an agency, unfortunately) I had to go buy gas. That or pay $7 a gallon. So I'm driving along Rockaway Boulevard and I see "David's Full-service Gas." I figure it'll be more expensive, but whatever. My time has value too. So I pull in, first on the wrong side of the pump island, which would be slightly embarassing if I cared more, and tell the guy to fill it up. The gas station has two attendants, both Sikhs. Anyway, the gas cost $3.09. As I was driving back, I saw some other gas stations. Same price. And when I got into the airport and drove to the rental return, I passed the BP station for people returning rental cars. (D'oh!) Same price. But it was kind of fun to get to sit in my massive symbol of consumerism and have someone else pump gas.

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