Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What I go riding for

So I was planning to go riding yesterday as part of my every-two-days until I think I can start riding daily again plan. Originally I was going to do this lame little route up and down a trail along the Mohawk, but my friend wanted to see me, so I thought, "Let's go riding together." She had a softball game, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Opportunistic sort that I am, I decided to have her give me a ride out there so that I could ride around in the country.

Anyway, the ride was pretty great. The route I figured out was a little short of twenty miles, in what looked like rolling hills on Google Earth. On actual riding of the route, they proved to be rolling hills, as expected. I've mostly been riding on flat or almost flat roads since moving to New York, which is pretty boring. I suppose I must hate myself, because there's a part of me that gets into climbing, even though a tough climb can be pretty brutal. But then I get to go down the other side, and that's lots of fun. Even when I wasn't on hills though, because the roads were long and uninterrupted by stupidity like traffic signals, I got to go nice and fast. It's so much more fun when I get to go at high speed and there's some variation in the terrain. It reminded me a lot of going riding when I was living in California and could get to fairly rural, or at least exurban areas quickly.

The numbers (I finally broke down and bought one of those little Cat Eye odometer things)

23.5 miles - I planned twenty but missed a turn and took a little while to re-find it. The big reason I bought the odometer, actually, is so I could use the trip distance to help me navigate.

Around an hour and a half, I think - I started just before 6:30 and I finished just after 8.

Top speed - 45mph going down something. 32 seems to be the highest I can get my rear wheel going if I'm spinning the pedals myself, although on the flats, I can't sustain that kind output for very long.

Bottom speed (not counting stopping, of course) Probably about 6mph, climbing steep stuff in my lowest gear.

Average speed - probably about 16 or 17, if I remember my starting and ending times right. I stopped for a bit to stretch near the beginning of the trip.

I also figured out the difference between the two trip odometers on my new toy, so in future I'll use the second one for navigating and I won't dump the statistics for the whole ride every time I turn a corner.


Andrew said...

PS. If anyone is interested, I have the cuesheet.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you're back on a bike! Now I just have to emulate you -- pull mine down off its hook, clean it, and get out on San Luis Obispo County's great roads.


Anonymous said...

If only I'd known sooner the secret to your hapiness was driving you into the middle of nowhere and throwing you out of the car.