Monday, September 18, 2006

Badass points

So today I drove a 10' box truck from Brooklyn to somewhere in Westchester. (If it were being shown on CNN, the location would be given that way.) It was fun. I really like driving the big vehicles, and while this isn't that big, it's my new high-water mark for biggest vehicle I've driven any kind of distance.

I always find SUVs amusing, but I find them more amusing when I'm sitting in something that really doesn't care what it looks like, looking down at them. Kind of like those wierd fashion clothes with camouflage patterns and high price tags as opposed to a pair of $15 BDU pants.

Full-sized trucks and cargo vans are nice because they're very honest. They have good road-feel, handle about as well as something that tall could possibly be expected too, and intimidate even a New York driver. Not as much as one might expect, but it helps when the roads are packed and I need to change lanes.

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D said...

It's nice when it happens without undue aggression, but please, don't rely on people yielding to you. There are stubborn cusses out there who won't yield to a truck, just because you *are* one. Rather, aim to be awestruck like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch of the West just...melts away.

D The Driver