Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dude... Sweet

Looks like I'm going to be spending the winter cleaning floors and toilets and stuff. And snowboarding. A lot. I landed the custodian job at Sugarbowl, which is a night job. So depending on how long a shift runs, I'll either get off work, go to my car (which I haven't bought yet) and put on my Gore-tex pants, then get in on some first tracks in the morning or go home for a nap, come back, and get in some first tracks. The first two hours are, hands-down, my favorite. Not that I don't go all day.

This job rocks for other reasons. I can score free tickets, although I don't know how many, for friends and family, I get discounts at other ski areas, and in between storms I'll be in some really kick-ass country for riding my bike. Maybe I'll have to learn to cross-country ski or something too... It's a waste of the fresh stuff, but people seem to like it better on groomed snow anyway.

Snowboarding on a Tuesday morning. I'd say that's listed in the definition of "the good life."

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