Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm not dead

Really. Of course, I talk to most of my readership on the phone from time to time anyway, so everybody knows I'm not dead. But for people who follow my life, here's what's happened in the last two weeks.

Work. No surprises there. More driving around. Still no surprises. More riding my bike, which is good. My speed on the flats is getting up to 24mph sometimes, although my average on my loop is still running a little short of 16mph. I blame the sections on the street between my apartment and the West Side Highway and then from there to Central Park. Because when I'm not constantly slowing for traffic signals and such, I'm a lot faster.

There have been a number of things that I announced were "totally bloggable" but in the spirit of living my life rather than photographing it or, in this case, remembering to write about it, I don't remember what any of them were.

Trip to California coming soon. Hopefully I'm going to spend the winter in Lake Tahoe (my friend says that only birds and rich snobs "Winter over" somewhere, and I'm neither) this year. So think happy migration thoughts.

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