Monday, October 23, 2006

Wish me luck

So I flew out on Friday to visit California and try to line up a job for the winter.

Who knew and didn't tell me about this new TSA regulation where they get to steal your fancy hair product and shaving cream? I was running low on both anyway, but they were still expensive. I suppose there are worse reasons for being profiled as a terrorist than having a sense of style.

Anyway, out in California I rented a Chevy Cobalt. It's their uncrappy compact - basically the car that ranges from "fun to drive" to "who's bright idea was it to stuff over 200hp in this tiny thing?" I'm pretty sure mine was the lowest model, but who's counting? Anyway, after driving hulking Ford SUVs that started to wander at highway speeds, it was a nice change to be driving something nice and low, with quick handling and the ability to accelerate past 80. In theory, Mom. Really, I swear.

Car aside, the job fair I went to at the resort I hope to work for was quite productive. I met the heads for a bunch of different departments, and they all seemed pretty positive, so as long as my references don't all develop issues, I should do pretty well. Think extra-special thoughts for the maintenance department, because that's much more my kind of thing (not that I couldn't stand in a parking lot and point) and it pays better too. If I get this, I think that it's going to happen a lot faster than I'd realized - mid- to late- November. On the one hand, not a lot of time to sublet. On the other hand, more than two weeks of lead time on a sublet is pretty much useless anyway. And then it's back to thinking about cars.

On the way back, it took three tries to find the car rental place. The first directions required me to take the I-80 business loop, which the guy didn't tell me. And I thought I asked that, too. The next set of directions involved taking an exit from I-5 Southbound that's north of 80. So I'd already missed the exit before I even got onto the freeway I was supposed to be exiting. The last set of directions may have worked, but I was already on the same approach my mother and I used to successfully find the rental place, so I just went that way. It's one thing when people can't give directions to a location they don't know, but you'd think that people living in Sacramento and working at a car rental place would be able to give directions to it from a major highway.

Then it was home on Greyhound. I never feel as classist as I do when I have to smell people less fortunate than myself. Although I think what bothers me the most about mass transit is that as soon as the trips start to be longer than those I take on the subway, it starts to be on someone else's terms.

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