Monday, November 27, 2006

Stuff I gotta do before I go to Northern California

For various reasons, mainly to do with me being disorganized, it's taken me until yesterday to start doing something about my move to Lake Tahoe for this winter. I have actually managed to accomplish a few things, which is good. I got a job. I bought a plane ticket. Kind of with my own money, depending on how you view credit cards. As of today, I have a car, although no insurance for it.

So what do I still need to do? The big one is, of course, subletting my apartment. On the one hand, it's not that difficult in this market and I don't anticipate it turning into a huge problem. But it's always kind of a problem, and I do have a lot of stuff that needs to go back into storage. So much of it never quite made it out of the boxes I packed it in that I'm finding repacking to be less of a chore than I thought it would be. I think this is the silver lining for disorganization. But I also want to get a new passport, so I need to make sure not to store anything I need for that.

The other thing is getting mail forwarded. Premium forwarding service? The other kind? How do I receive mail once I'm there, anyway? And speaking of mail, there's a lot that I can live without, but broadband internet service only makes the list of we're talking about food, water and shelter. If there were five items (I do love clothes,) broadband would be one.

Furniture is an issue too. I have a futon in a garage in California, but no mattress. Oh, and shipping my bike. To whom? Where? Maybe the grandparents...

Banking is another issue. Hopefully Sugarbowl believes in Direct Deposit. Mailing checks home every week at Park Playhouse was lame. Luck thing that Soda Springs has a post office, and the town's too small for it to be a pain to get to.

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