Sunday, December 10, 2006

Apple: You're on notice

I recently acquired an iPod Nano. It's a really cool little device, and mine's black which anyone who knows me would expect. So now I'm trying to rip a couple of CDs, Skid Row and Megadeth's Greatest Hits, and it's turning out to be very complicated. iTunes can recognize the CD as a drive and the tracks as files, but it's supposed to mount directly into iTunes and doesn't, and it's also supposed to download all the title, artist, etc. information so that I don't have to. I'm successfully importing files ripped by Windows Media Player as we speak. (Well, hopefully it's successful.) But come on, Apple. You've built your business on selling to users who don't hack.

Apple doesn't even have an option to contact technical support that I could find. I've posted to a user forum, so hopefully someone else has already solved this particular problem. Update forthcoming if I don't get distracted.

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Andrew said...

Guess I did get distracted. Following the advice of someone on one of the user forums, I tried setting itunes.exe and ituneshelper.exe as exceptions in the firewall part of Norton AntiVirus. It didn't work initially, and I tried disabling everything in that program and re-enabling the different features one at a time. I ended up re-enabling them all and not finding the specific one that was blocking iTunes, but I hear that sometimes NAV needs multiple reboots to actually make a change.

I'm running into references to problems with NAV on all sorts of technical support sites. So Symantec: you're on notice.