Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Survived Donner Pass

And I didn't have to eat anyone. The new job seems to consist mainly of cleaning toilets and stocking paper towel and toilet paper dispensers. So, kind of boring. I also empty the trash cans when the bags get too full and vacuum the carpets. On the other hand, I got a couple turns in before my shift started yesterday. Sweet.

Today's festivity was to drive to the Target (pronounced tar-jay) in Sparks and get some stuff that I needed for the cabin. Now there's a curtain on my window and I've got some new objects to ride around in the back of the car. We'll see how long my new red snow shovel lasts.

It rained today, and looks like doing so for a fair amount of this week. I found a really good ski conditions web site. I was going to say it wasn't good for forecasts, then I discovered that it does that pretty well too.

Ski Bonk

Ski Bonk dude, if you're reading this, you rock.

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