Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why can't someone who doesn't have a snowboard work on Friday?

If I had just a little more chutzpah, I'd go to my boss and ask him that tomorrow. After a week of the weather gods turning the cold (warm?) shoulder toward us, there's supposed to be 4" of new snow during the day on Thursday and 10" during the night.

I don't remember if Julio knows how to snowboard, but Gianfranco doesn't. And I don't think Gonzalo does either. How many custodians really need to be on duty at once, anyway? I don't mind giving up a few hours of pay to float down mountains.

At least I don't start until noon. Someone named Andrew will be setting his alarm half an hour early on Friday to make sure to have time for both breakfast and digging out the car.

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