Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guess they don't want my money

A while ago, I broke the charger port for my cell phone. It's a discontinued, off-brand model - the cheap one at the time that I bought it, and I found a vehicle charger that semi-worked, but put an odd stress on the pin that goes in the little hole in the charger plug.

I carry the insurance thing for $6/month on my account, which is basically a scam but has given me a new phone in the past. They charge a $50 deductible on new equipment, so I didn't really want to replace it if I didn't have to. I clicked around the 'net and found what appeared to be a charger using the other port on the bottom of the phone, which is a data/power port. The charger was 99¢, with $5 shipping - a definite savings against $50.

When the charger arrived, which was a bit of a pain in itself, it turned out that unlike the picture, the plug was the standard circular one. Which is to say useless to me. I didn't do anything for a while because I was busy, then today I called Verizon to see if they would sell me a new phone. I figure I don't like my current phone that much and I'm due for a discounted phone in six months anyway.

Not only could Verizon not give me my "new every two" phone early, they couldn't sell me a phone at all. The call center guy told me to buy it online. The reason I was calling the call center, though, is that the web site won't sell me a phone either. So if I'm going to get a new phone, I need to go to a store. Nearest one's in Reno.

So I just filed a claim online with my insurance scam provider. DHL is supposed to magically show up with a phone on my doorstep on Friday. Of course, it'll probably be the sucky one...

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