Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh, the irony

I'm going to Whistler at the end of the week to do some skiing with my mother and brother (I'm also bringing my board.) As I'm sure most of you already knew, but I didn't, a passport is now necessary to fly into Canada, and will soon be necessary for driving as well. Because mine was expired and I didn't give myself the lead time to renew it by mail, I had to drive into San Francisco in a heavy snowstorm last night for a morning appointment at the passport office. I got to miss snowboarding in a couple feet (yeah, feet) of fresh snow in order to make arrangements for a ski trip.

Sugarbowl says they've got the tall ones open. I have a selfish hope that it'll take a couple days to get Sugar Bowl and the Mt. Lincoln off-piste open, so it'll still be fresh and nice (and nice and fresh) for me when I get to hit the mountain on Wednesday. Otherwise, I'll use the skis, which I'm already better at doing more beat-up ungroomed terrain on.

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Anonymous said...

Que tu es vraiment le Jetsetter!!!Epatant! Fais attention! Prend garde! Ne pas casse la jambe. Mais surtout, amuses-toi beaucoup and dis "hello" a toute la famille!

Avec amour,

Ta Grandmere Louise