Monday, February 19, 2007


Dude! I totally rock skis! The outcome of my little adventure the other day was that yes, my knees come out a little more sore than after a day of snowboarding, and no, it's not enough worse to make me not do it. So I bought the Tecnicas, a pair of Rossignol Bandit B2s, and the cheapest bindings and poles I could find. I've been on skis every day since then. I'm actually skiing better than I was when I stopped about six years ago. I'm also almost as strong on skis as on my snowboard, which I find really amazing. I think that there's much more room for my skiing technique to be cleaner, though. I've skied everything at Sugar Bowl that current conditions would permit me to do on my snowboard, and I can also go through moguls pretty well. I can't do them continuously and indefinitely, but I string together a couple before I get derailed, so I'm on my way. Certainly beats trying to navigate them on a snowboard. The B2s are off-piste skis (50/50 according to Rossignol) and should, hopefully, work well in softer and variable conditions after we get some new snow later in the week.

Mind you, I'm still planning to do the powder day (fingers crossed. Not counting chickens, I swear) on my board. But dude! I totally rock skis!

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