Saturday, March 03, 2007

Europeans can't be that small!?

In case anyone was waiting with bated breath, I got to do a powder day on my board and a couple runs on skis after driving back up Tuesday night. The hot water heater is having issues and I haven't solved them yet, but I think that it's going to be a lot simpler when I get back.

Once I got out of the house and threw out a guilt-inspiring amount of food, I drove down to San Francisco, loaded my skis into my mother's new bag and her and bags into the car, and we went to the airport. I think that there's actually less space on the Airbus, at least as configured for Air Canada than on American planes or the planes that Jetblue flies, which are Airbus, but a different model. Not just rubbing shoulders with the Beau Monde - also knees and elbows. Except that the real Beau Monde would all be in business class, where there are four seats to a row instead of six. Gives me a reason (aside from jumping out of helicopters in Alaska on my snowboard or some really fat skis) to want to be rich.

We flew to Vancouver, proved that skis, snowboards, and big baggage can fit into a VW Golf, and then went to my mother's friend's very nice house. It has a view of quite a lot of the city, so lots of lights. Tres cool. Canada is bilingual and I don't think it would kill me to sprinkle in some extra French.

I may not post again until after the Whistler trip. Looks like lots of fresh snow falling, so whether I'm out carving it up on the skis or the board, I think that much fun will be had. My brother and I wear the same size Tecnica Diablos, although his are a little stiffer model, so our skis are somewhat interchangeable. I'm going to get to try his powder skis, and he'll get to try my mid-fats. Zach believes that skis are superior in all conditions, powder included, although you have to have at least two pairs, because powder skis don't carve and transition as well on hardpack and the skis that do have a disturbing tendency to get stuck in powder. I don't know if I'll ever be drawn away from the dark side entirely - I really love snowboarding - but skis do seem to open a lot of possibilities that snowboards really don't.

Gearhead that I am, I'd love to be able to afford multiples of each - powder board, off-piste board, hard-boot carving board, off-piste skis, powder skis, fast groomer skis, AT skis. Perhaps some old-school powder boards with odd shapes, like a 7-foot swallowtail or something. But for now, I've got a quiver-of-one board and some all-mountain skis that I'm sure can do powder at least as well as the skinny 220s that people used to use. I promise a real post, with some learning and growth and stuff, some time soon. Especially if improving ones ski skills and descending 5000 vertical feet in the lunch/home run qualify as learning and growth.

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