Saturday, April 14, 2007

So over my funky legs

About a week ago, I had my ski boot liners trimmed and a shim added to the tongue so that I could get the boots tighter around my skinny ankles. The good news is that it worked. The bad news is that I started getting boot cuff bruising at the outside of my ankle on both sides. I flipped over the little plate on the boot that controls cuff cant, and it helped. But not enough. So I decided to see Sugar Bowl's resident boot fit genius, but it turns out he's in Moab. Sako, I hope you're having fun. You deserve a vacation.

Anyway, without my boot fit guru, I figured I'd just wait until next season. After all, there are only a few days left. This morning I tried to go skiing and after about two runs, it just hurt too much. First I visited the guy at Java Summit Sports, who didn't want to try anything. Then I went to the Starthaus, the local race shop and Sako's former employer. After their fitter established that yes, I had indeed maxed out the cant on my boot, they tried shimming the inside side of the boot, to take up the space created by my ankle being funkier than Tecnica anticipated, and then they tried stacking up some shims under the boot. In order to get my knee into a straight line between my foot and my hip, it's necessary to cant the outside edge of my left boot up two degrees and my right boot up one. Kinda counterintuitive, especially since I had to do the opposite to get my racing bike to work a little better for me.

The fitter also tried flipping the cants around, which he says is a more common procedure, because my knees turn in like crazy when my feet are canted that way. It felt way awkward, although it looks more natural. The verdict is that I'm going to build some prototype shims from duct tape and try them tomorrow. I should be able to tell very quickly if canting one way or the other, or not at all, is best. The running list of custom work on my boots (because I'm unique, dammit)

Fancy footbeds
trimmed liners
shimmed tongue

Why can't stuff ever just work for me?

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