Thursday, May 31, 2007

William Gibson foreshadows my project!?

William Gibson - A Nod's As Good As a Hyperlink

I recently joined a blog project that has had some mission creep into creating a database relating various important figures within the field that it covers. It would give some basic information about an individual, and who they have creative and commercial relationships with, and those references would be links to pages concerning those other individuals. The idea is that if I read the newest blog entry, anything referred to in the blog that I might not immediately understand would be a link to a page on that person or topic. All those pages and topics would also link back into blog entries discussing them. The purpose of the whole project is to help people from outside its field choose which events and exhibitions to go to within the field, and then arm them with enough information to get through half a cocktail and change the subject.

One of the reasons I love reading William Gibson is that he has a talent for spotting trends and extrapolating them into the near future. Google has already replaced research; my project seeks to concentrate relevant information from Google, Wikipedia, and industry sources into a more specific and more easily digestible format.

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