Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Verizon doesn't want my money

So I've been looking forward for a while to getting my "new every two" discount, one of Verizon's ways of keeping their customers. Other ways include blackmail and threats of violence against loved ones. I decided today to go ahead and buy a new phone. It doesn't help that the asterisk key on my current one doesn't work all the time any more. So the web site has whatever bizarre issues and won't sell me one. (!?)

I called customer support at 12:39. First they wanted to walk me through the process on the web site. Then they tried to transfer me to a web site specialist and failed. Then some other transfer happened. Then I got transferred to a web site specialist successfully, but the web site wasn't miraculously better. Finally I got transferred to a sales guy who could just sell me the phone. All good up until their system having issues with the little three-digit number on the back of my atm card. D'oh! It's now 1:33, and I've called me bank, who don't record that number, and I'm waiting a callback from Verizon, where I'll see if we can do a different payment method. It shouldn't be this hard for those guys to take my money.

I did get the callback, and they managed to sort stuff out, probably. But they can't give me any meaningful tracking information, so until my phone mysteriously shows up via FedEx, I won't know if they got it right or not.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bringing sexy back to linen

So my cousin got married recently. I started to write a blog, got sidetracked, and then forgot. Oh well. Anyway, the new wife is kind of cute and seems nice, and I hope they'll be happy together. Returning to my regularly scheduled narcissism, here's one of my and my brother.