Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New phone (and it rocks)

So I finally did manage to get the phone from Verizon. It was over the weekend, but I let myself be kidnapped for a while and have only just returned to Internet access on a device with a 14" diagonal (if you think it's small, use a cellular for a while.)

How does this thing rock? Let me count the ways...

Gmail access from wherever I am. Right now via Explorer, but I'm working on that. In fact, Google access in general. Nice.

If I'm using a headset to talk on the phone, I can navigate around the other features. So I can mess with my schedule while on the phone. Sweet.

Java virtual machine. I've got one installed on the phone now, and it totally works. In fact, the phone is more of a very small computing platform that happens to be able to work as a phone.

Synchs with Outlook. That's nothing new, but scheduling and contacts were the killer apps for my Palm, so this phone needed to be able to do them for me to get it.

It's little. Slightly taller and wider than my old phone, but a lot slimmer, and a lot shorter and narrower than my Palm. Also, no exposed touch screen requiring of a hard case.

So yeah, I'm having fun with it. It's at least somewhat susceptible to hacking, too, so I've got the potential to do all sorts of crazy stuff with it. And I should be able to set it up to act as a cellular modem for my computer as well.

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