Monday, August 13, 2007

Verizon may want my money

One of the things that showed up in my e-mail today was my Verizon bill. Which reminded me to call them about that phone that I ordered three weeks ago. It was 9:28 when I got off the phone, just now, and I dialed customer service at 8:26. After much switching of departments, I've learned that two orders were in the system, which had the effect of freaking it out, and the problem was sent to some department that doesn't answer phones or read their e-mail to sort out. The customer service rep I got transferred to after the first customer service rep transferred me to equipment and equipment transferred me to sales had two options. Either she could send another e-mail to that secret department, which I picture as an alcoholic living in Siberia with a large, antique (that being a polite word for dilapidated) desk covered in unread printouts of the e-mails assigned to him to address and printed from the one computer for the office, or I could go to a Verizon store, that will magically know that I'm being given a couple of discounts on this phone, and buy one in person.

E-mailing this mystery man clearly doesn't work. So I'm going to try going to the store tomorrow and see if I do any better with that option. Think happy "new phone" thoughts. Everyone who's had to hear me say "what?" or "talk really loud" repeatedly will be pleased if this works, I think.

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