Monday, September 17, 2007

Another new toy

When I was in Lake Tahoe during the winter season, I was reminded how much I like being in the woods. As long as I can also be traveling quickly through space. In order to keep doing that during the not-winter season, I promised myself I'd get back into mountain biking. After last week's ridiculous work schedule, I could afford to buy another bike, so I did.

It's a pretty basic model, but totally trail-worthy. Good quality frame, modular components, tunable suspension. I'm going to swap the pedals for my old mountain bike pedals as soon as I get my shoes from California, and I may do something different with the stem to put the handlebars lower and further from the saddle. I find I'm quite amused by having disc brakes, but they're pretty cool. They really do provide better braking power. I've already had it on some trails and singletrack, and it's a fun ride.

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