Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Discovering more trails in Cunningham

I may sound a bit slow, but it took me until my last ride to figure out how to read the blazes in Cunningham Park out in Queens. Today was the first time I could really use them. Between the blazes and learning the trails over time, I've been finding some of the pieces of trail that I've missed in the past. Turns out there's a ton of advanced singletrack in one side of the park that I've been missing, so I like the park that much more.

On a technical note, I replaced a lot of the front end of my bike in the last couple weeks. New, much lighter handlebars, a new, longer stem, and most recently a new suspension fork. Last time I went riding was my first ride with the fork, and I think I had it too soft. I've upped the air pressure in both legs (it uses an air spring and air compression damping system) and it's much better now, although I think I'm going to put it a bit higher before my next ride. I seem to be much more of a brute in my riding style than how I've seen myself in the past. There's some claim that with the compression damper set high, the fork will allow a lot of rider movement before it starts doing its thing, and I'm hoping it might also reduce nosedive under braking. I'm also going to raise the main spring because it has a tendency to bottom out under hits that I don't think are that big, or even when I'm compressing before popping the front wheel up on something or hopping. And here's a picture. The best thing about pictures is they don't make you read - like Li'l Bush on Comedy Central.

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