Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Williamsburg kids will think I'm cool now.

So I've been meaning to give my beater bike, "Skank," a tuneup for a while now. I even bought it a new chain, which I never got around to installing... Until today. I also got some new bar tape. I was about to clean the rear derailleur when I noticed that it has an insane amount of play - like a whole gear's worth. Which explains the ghost shifting I thought was just me having a hard time with the old-school friction shifter. So I went on a bit of a tear removing parts.

Here's everything I took off. In the picture are the chainguard and small chainring from the front (I removed the front derailleur months ago,) the rear derailleur, the old chain, which was badly stretched and the old bar tape and plugs.

The new, beautifully simple drivetrain.

And finally, the finished product. It's not going to feel quite as good to blaze past the hipsters now that I've got something "cool" and not antedeluvian, but whatever. I wasn't about to pay money for a new derailleur for this bike.

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