Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last Race of the Series

Today was the last race of the series I've been competing in.  It was a good day for me in a number of ways - while the course wasn't great for me, being mostly flat and on grass, with no trail sections, it required a lot of short, hard accelerations, which is something I've been practicing.  I'm also just getting to be in better shape and more capable of maintaining a higher level of intensity for the whole race - while I suppose I could have gone a little harder in the beginning (and blown myself out for the end) I was able to race a lot harder than I could in the beginning of the season.  I almost wish it would never end, so I could keep clawing my way up the standings.

I finished 33rd today.  Numerically that's my best finish so far, although the field was smaller - 47 instead of 67 finishers last week.  When the final scores come out, I'll know how many started.  Last week, I beat 17 other racers and this week I beat 14 others, but I think that proportionally I finished further up.  Improvement's really what I'm looking for.

Anyway, what everyone really wants is pictures and Zach was there playing "personal photographer" today.  So here's a selection of shots he took...

The course was mainly flat, but there was a grassy bump on it.  It was really only about 15' tall, but the course designers work with what they have.  The course approached it from one direction, did an off-camber hairpin, and went back the way it came, then had a runup up it, which is what's behind me in this picture, and finally approached the shoulder again for a sandy runup and an uphill remount.

Mostly I think this is a cool picture.  This is one of the many hairpin turns on the course.  Today's race really favored someone who could sprint out of them again and again and again.  I have a limit as to how much of a sprint I can still bring to one of these things by the fourth lap, but the guys who win on courses like this can do it again and again and again.

This is my "roadie face."  Sort of like a metal face or a war face, but for racing bikes.

Zach took the last shot from on top of a sand mound with some jumps built into it.  I'm going downhill after the last section on the side of the little grass hill thing.  He says it's his favorite picture from today.

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