Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog About Someone Else

More accurately, it's a blog about someone else's blog.  The most recent entry in the Fat Cyclist's blog is "Cooler Than Yellow Wristbands."  In it, he sums up a lot of the effect that his wife's cancer has had on his family and gives instructions for donating.  The blog is usually a funny one about cycling, especially mountain biking related subjects.  Due to its popularity, Gary Fisher has actually donated a very nice mountain bike that's being raffled to people who donate, and the Fat Cyclist's wife has been making charm bracelets out of links from bicycle chains and assorted beads that are going out as gifts to people donating $100 or more.

My short little paragraph doesn't really do it justice.  I'd encourage my readers to wander over to the Fat Cyclist blog and read some random entries.  A lot of them, in keeping with the blog's mission before it got hijacked (blogjacked?) are very funny.  A lot of them are very poignant.  Ultimately, the blog is very human and the story that I get from it is of a man who is having the thing he loves most wrenched away from him, a little bit at a time, but still manages to think of others.  So read it.  Maybe even park the RSS feed on your homepage or desktop or feed reader or whatever.

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