Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Group Interview

I had a job interview today. It was for a recruiter, which isn't something I've done before. The recruiter specializes in placing recent college graduates, and while a couple of people in the room were in similar situations to mine, that's who most of the people there were. I think many of them were looking for their first "real job."

I forget from time to time how much cool stuff I've already had the opportunity to do in my life. Part of the festivities today was that we all answered some practice interview questions. They came out of a bag and everyone got a different one. Mine was, "What was your proudest accomplishment?" I told a little story about my first cyclocross race and passed the bag on. As soon as I passed it away, though, I thought of other things. The show I did for summer stock a couple years ago stands out as one of my more major accomplishments. So does my period of training in classical ballet. And earning a BA is nothing to sniff at either.

The next time we got to talk, aside from when we all introduced ourselves, was when they asked us what we saw ourselves doing in 3-5 years, and what our dream jobs, talent and money no object, were. I reversed the questions, because I'm a pain like that sometimes. I said that I might still be doing ballet if talent and money weren't an object, although it's a pretty crappy job, and that I really wanted to be doing design. And that in 3-5 years I hoped to either be working on an MFA or finished with an MFA and doing design.

Other people wanted to be somewhere in a corporate management position in 3-5 years or getting an MBA or being lawyers. I guess lawyers, at least, have job titles I understand. Most of the job titles that MBAs aspire to are just TLAs to me. Their dream jobs were pretty random. Working at a marina, being writers, being accountants by day, night club owners in New York by night, and writers with successful movie tie-ins on the weekend (all one guy for the last three,) being fitness trainers (from a girl who didn't look like she had an effective plan for herself) etc. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those goals. They're just not for me. At all.

Anyway, I came away from it thinking that I've actually done some really cool stuff. I've learned to be independent and assertive in how I approach situations like job interviews and meetings, I've learned about what I do and don't want to be doing with my life, and while the current hiccup is annoying, I think I've more-or-less arrived at this place in my life at the right time - I haven't rushed it but I don't think I could have arrived here sooner either - and as soon as I can get some income started up again, I'm on track.

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