Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super-light Colorado... hardpack

Action Mom took my brother and me skiing in Colorado last weekend. Between my employment situation and the lack of weather here in Washington, I haven't been skiing in weeks, and I'd only done three days this season. Two weren't even in Washington.

Colorado hasn't had any new snow in a while either, so aside from one bowl that faced the right way to catch some windblown snow, the surfaces were pretty much all either hardpack or sticky, tracked-out stuff in the trees.  But we still had a really good time.

When the snow is beautiful, I don't really like to stop and start - I go for every possible run.  But on other days, it's fun to bring out the camera every now and then.  Zach is a better photographer than I am, although I think that digital point-and-shoots level the playing field a little bit.  Also, I just discovered that my camera has a function in which it continues to take pictures as long as I hold down the button.

As you can see, Zach's not throwing a lot of snow around.  It's kind of too bad - his new skis are very big, and I'm sure that what they can do in powder is incredible.  Those boots are new too.

On the next lap, I had Zach take some pictures of me.  I'm not narcissistic, I swear.

He hid behind some rocks.  Maybe he was afraid I was going to hit him or something.

We agreed that this was the best shot from those two laps.  Not sure what the deal is with the blur, because the rest of the picture is in focus.  Zach theorizes that the ISO speed was too low and I was going really fast.  I enjoy that theory because of the part where I'm going like a bat out of hell.  Anyway, my skis were totally the right tool for the conditions - big, stiff and stable.  I had a really good time despite the snow quality.  Even when I jumped off the dropoff over a different part of Spaulding Bowl and it was nothing but ice.

Still not as much of a good time as if it was powder.  That would have been awesome.

I was a little bummed that I didn't catch Zach looking as cool as he caught me looking.  Because he definitely looks at least as cool when he's skiing, so it's the photographer.

This is Zach using big mountain skis to catch miniature air.  It's more or less the definition of "overkill," but I'm the one who told him to wait for me to set up to take a picture of it.  We spent way too long discussing the best part of the traverse to air off of.

We were in Colorado visiting Action Mom's college friends.  Their son Nick was playing "native guide" for us that day.

He sold the heck out of that same mini-air.

The tree route uphill from this traverse was a favorite route of his.  It was pretty cool.

We took a bus from the cabin where we were staying to the resort.  I slept on it.  Holding my gear.  That's how badass I am.

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