Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Looking back on February

A forum I read has a "how was your February" thread.  This is a copy-paste from there.

My training log is kind of pathetic. It's a SI swimsuit calendar.

376 miles on the road. 17.4 off-road. And assorted errands on my commuter, which doesn't have a computer.

Bad riding weather messed with my schedule a little bit. Also missing some days for a ski trip and then a midweek powder day a while later. Ask me why I'm not crying.

It was actually a pretty good month. I'm a little disappointed that I'm not increasing the length of my long road ride, but not too much. It's already much, much longer than the amount of time I'm going to spend on any one race. I also went to a really dumb road race one day and did 32 miles in 1:46, with about 2700' of climbing. For me, that's a pretty kickass result - I had no idea I could maintain that kind of average on that kind of course.

Last month was a miles-only month. This month and the first half of April should include more off-road riding and more speed work. So my miles may actually go down, but if I get faster, I don't really care.

The reason I haven't been trying to make my long rides longer is that my shoulder starts to get pretty uncomfortable when I'm in the saddle long enough to do 75 miles.  The day I did 100, I took one of my breaks because of that.  That's actually sort of cool - a year ago, I'd have been unable to complete a ride of that length because of knee pain, and it might take me days to recover.  Shoulder pain after a period of time well beyond anything I'll do racing is really just an annoyance, and I have a few ideas as to how I can solve it.  Also, it's going away on its own to some extent - rock climbing with my friends is great cross-training, doing speed work helps, and increasing my endurance and the speed that I ride on a long ride both mean less weight on my hands.

In other areas of my life, I got myself onto the lists for work for the city and through the local chapter of the stagehands' union last month.  That's going to mean more work without me having to take an office job.  And my car continues to run.

So life is definitely improving.

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