Monday, March 23, 2009

Racing Schedule for 2009

I just posted this to a mountain biking forum I read.

3/21: Dirty Dozen #1
3/29: West Side Series #4
4/12: Indie Series #1
4/18: Dirty Dozen #2
5/3: Indie Series #2
5/17: Indie Series #3
5/23: Dirty Dozen #3
6/6: Indie Series #4
6/21: Indie Series #5
7/12: Indie Series #6
7/26: Indie Series #7
8/8: Indie Series #8
Wednesdays: Wednesday Night World Championships

The Indie Series is the one I'm taking "seriously." So I'll do rest weeks before those races, turn down work that conflicts, etc. The Dirty Dozen and West Side races are going to get the race weekend treatment - light intervals the day before, and a long ride the day after - but I'll cancel to accept work, if I get the opportunity to do something really cool, etc. I hadn't really planned to do the Dirty Dozen races, but I missed a West Side race two weeks ago because it was a powder day, and I wanted to make sure to do a few 'B' races before the Indie Series started. But since I won my age class, I want to see what I can do with the whole series.  I'd like to make it to most of the Wednesday nights but those are very much a schedule-permitting thing. They're a training series, and not meant to be taken too seriously. I'll probably do hard intervals the day before those, although I'm not being too rigid about my training schedule most weeks and I'll totally substitute a mountain biking day for a road day if it's pretty out and I have enough time to drive out someplace where I can do it.

Anyway, depending on how my work situation and the season develop, I could be racing at least once a week or I could do just the Indie Series races. If I'm still feeling fast and masochistic in July, I'm going to start running and then after the last MTB race I'll start training for the 'cross season. If I'm feeling kind of beat up, I'll probably just chill out for a chunk of August and do the 'cross season, and if I'm feeling really demolished I won't race this year. I feel like I'm strongest after a week off, but two weeks off doesn't mess with me too much and the break can be good if I've gotten my body tied into little, painful knots.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a professional dancer and I trained twenty-thirty hours a week. So this is a different type of training load for me - dancing doesn't demand nearly as much aerobic fitness, and it's usually in a really high effort level for a short period when it does - but I'm not training as many hours now as I did then. I'm also having more fun. 

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