Monday, March 09, 2009

Stuff I Want Before an iPhone

Having too much time on my hands has allowed me to do a lot of virtual window shopping.  I've also had time to be annoyed at my friend for buying an iPhone instead of finishing a project he's been talking about since July, that I believe has a lower budget to complete than purchasing an iPhone.  So I did a "Google Shopping" search to find out what, exactly, an iPhone costs.  The search results show some suspiciously low prices - $290 being the best - but following those links reveals that those phones aren't actually available and were possibly used or something.  The lowest prices I saw that looked like they'd actually result in me having a phone I don't want were in the $500 range.

That actually gives me much more latitude as far as things I'd buy before buying an iPhone.  If I had $500 to throw at a "fun" item.

-Racing wheels and a more ergonomic crankset for my mountain bike
-Multiple seasons worth of race fees, US Cycling license, fees, fees to go to cx practice days, etc.
-Deposits into my savings and credit accounts until I don't owe anyone anything and can spend three months unemployed again.
-AT boots
-AT skis and bindings, used or clearance
-skins and ski crampons
-Road training wheels for my mountain bike and a fancy seatpost to make them less brutal
-Maybe someone's used fancy mountain bike
-New handlebars, cassette, chain, tape, stem bits, etc. for my road bike and money to spare
-Stiffer racing shoes for my off-road bikes and stiffer training sheos for my road bike
-A set of new tires for my truck.  Actually I might be able to get two sets, and a spare set of rims
-What the hell...  Many pairs of pants without holes in them.
-A set of forks for my apartment.  We have more cook books than forks right now.  Lots and lots of forks.  Or platinum forks.  Or something.
-About twenty shirts that aren't T-shirts but don't have to be ironed either.
-While we're at it, two spare wheelsets for my 'cross bike - pit wheels and road training wheels
-How about someone's used 'cross bike?  It's faster to just swap the whole thing at the pit.
-Another pair of skis.  Might be a tall order unless I make bindings a separate item, so...
-Marker Barons
-Another pair of Marker Barons since I just scored extra skis.
-Many, many deposits into my savings account.  Until it hits the limit on FDIC insurance.
-OK, fine.  An iPhone.  I'm sure by the time I have all the above stuff it'll be cheap anyway.

So not all of those were "fun" items.  But I like my cheap phone that it doesn't bother me to have cracks in.  It's also a lot smaller than an iPhone and I can put it in my back pocket.  Except in the pants that have a giant hole in the back pocket - I'm trying to get in the habit of not using that pocket anymore.  And if I chose to forgo one silly expensive item, the combination of that money and the next $500 is enough to cover a week of skiing, staying at a Best Western or Motel 6 or something and eating someplace cheap.  It's also six or seven skiing day trips, including food and gas, or a ton of movie tickets, dinners out, etc.  If there's a point, it's that iPhones are really expensive, and it doesn't seem very worthwhile to me.  Yeah, I realize it's not just a phone.  It's a lot harder to use.

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Zach said...

iPhones suck. Don't be a hipster douche. Buy a Blackberry and be a corporate douche.