Monday, May 04, 2009

Read My Friend's Blog (because I'm narcissistic)

I went racing on Sunday.  I'll write a real post about it later.  For now, there are some pictures of me, wearing spandex of course, warming up before the race over on Broken Thoughts.

And a picture I took today with my phone...

I try to restrain my impulse to snobbery concerning other people's bikes.  But when the bike in question costs $1900 at retail, it's hard not to be snobby when they don't make sense.  When I see this bike, it looks to me like a bike for going very fast indeed, but not in a UCI or USA Cycling-sanctioned race, and wearing street shoes.  Messengers like that kind of bike, but it seems like way too much money to leave locked outside all the time and ride on city streets constantly.  Also, messengers are reputed to use five-spoke wheels for their greater durability when repeatedly having chain locks shoved through them.  This guy is asking for someone to take his wheelset.

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Amanda said...

Dude, I saw your silly photo of the cracked out bike on Bike Snob's post - that's awesome.