Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Bag Stoke

Today was a very luggage-themed day - I got a new duffel bag from REI (thanks, Action Mom!) and a warranty-replacement bag from Timbuk2. My old one, much beloved despite my friends insisting that it's not a real messenger bag, tore several days ago. Timbuk2 has a lifetime warranty on their products, though. They gave me a pretty big online store credit, so I spent it all on this bag. I'm not sure what a real messenger bag is, aside from perhaps bigger, but I didn't want bigger or more real, I wanted my bag. This is the same size as my old one, but with the addition of an extra flap for protecting books and papers and things, and with Timbuk2's new pockets and hardware.

I took my inspiration for the color mainly from my LeMond - yellow and red. My mountain and 'cross bikes are both red too, and the 'cross bike also has a little bit of yellow on it. The old bag was black and yellow, but with how intelligent and perceptive the drivers in Seattle are, I thought brighter would be better.

The store credit was enough for me to get one panel in a reflective fabric, for a $15 upcharge. This is what it looks like under flash photography... Sweet.

I don't really need or want my bag to have street cred. I just want my bag. And this is, most definitely, my bag.

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