Saturday, November 14, 2009

Riding Through the Winter

Tomorrow is the last race I'm planning to enter this season. After that, I don't race again until the BuDu Racing series starts near the end of next February. I'd like to keep riding my bike between now and then, but it gets a lot harder when it's dark and nasty out. So if I can rope my friends into it, I want to do some regular rides between now and then. If you're interested in riding bikes with me (and are near enough to me for it to be convenient to meet somewhere in Seattle, like Green Lake or Gasworks Park) let me know, and also what kind of format you'd be interested in.

My thought is probably 20+ mile road rides, starting at 11am on Sundays. For those who are into structured training, this would be a long or recovery ride. However, I'm not set on anything yet. Mostly I just want to figure out a format and schedule that works for at least a couple of my friends so we can all keep active through the winter when it's tempting to hide inside. Blog comments would be an excellent way to give me some feedback since then if anyone else is interested, they can see them too.


Amanda said...

Sunday meet up near Gasworks would interest me. Around 20 miles would be good.
- Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hello Andrew. I'm the mysterious hidden Father of Adella. (maybe I'm a gross embarassment or something?)
Great photos, must have been an awesome trip.
Has Adella told you that there are hundreds of Mtn bike trails around Bellingham? there are groups who ride regularly on the trail and also in the Mtns. There is even a night riding group.