Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Racing Plans for 2010

This year's plan, at least through the summer, is to go to the last BuDu Racing race, most or all of the Indie Series races, a lot of Wednesday Night Worlds races and the Ski to Sea in Bellingham. I might also try criterium racing if I have a week that I can't make it to a Wednesday but my Thursday night is free. I have a perfectly good road racing bike and I think it might be fun.

Last year, I planned to race Beginner and ended up racing Sport all season. I generally came in mid-pack, and I was pretty happy with that. This year is not last year. I'd like to get into the top 5 some time this season. I'm also doing a lot more with my life at the moment, so fitting in training time will be more challenging. I had a nagging cough mid-season that lost me a couple races last year, and I dropped down to 135 lbs for a while. This year, I want to keep my weight no lower than 140 lbs, which I think will be healthier for me.

I'm also going to be doing the Ski to Sea this year, racing the mountain bike leg. It's 14 miles and I don't have a great sense of what the terrain will be like. In years past, people have contested it on slick tires, and with aero bars on their bikes. The organizers are claiming that this year it'll be on much more rugged trails, so that a mountain bike will be the best way to do it, not just the equipment mandated by the rules.

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