Monday, January 03, 2011

Replacing the baskets on older Scott ski poles

I have a set of old Scott ski poles. These things probably have about two decades of skiing behind them.

There are a lot of things I like about them. They're not worth anything, so if I break one, it's not a big deal. The bright yellow grip and basket also make them very easy to pick out of a pile of poles. I think that the place where my parents got them for me sold them individually, and I think they were manufactured and marketed as a rental pole.

Unlike many ski poles, these came with a full-sized powder basket. One of them has had a crack in it for a long time, and two of the little tabs finally tore off last week. I can tell the difference in how the poles plant in soft snow, so it was time to replace it. It turns out to be very difficult to get the baskets off - I had to cut it off with a small wood blade.

The baskets slip on over this part of the tip. The two wedge-shaped rings act as barbs, and the larger one keeps the basket from sliding up the pole. This is probably why it's so difficult to remove the baskets. I have a nice set of Black Diamond collapsible poles around, and a set of near-unused powder baskets for them. So I put those baskets on these poles. In order to get it to sit correctly on the pole, I put the lanyard hole of an adjustable wrench over the tip of the pole and whacked it with a hammer a couple of times.

I'm going to miss my yellow powder baskets, but these ones aren't broken. Hopefully I don't immediately lose a pole, now that I've fixed them.


Hoser said...

hope I have as much luck
heard of heating the old baskets in hot water to remove them
nice post

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew, very helpful!