Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Summer

This was kind of a weird season.  Last year, I managed to do all six of the BuDu Racing races.  This year, the monster that is Partial Differential Equations ate my time and some of my soul during the winter.  In the spring, I was feeling out of shape and not particularly motivated to go suck at the last few races.

I had some idea this might happen, and I decided that this year I would try track.  I took my class at the end of April and started going to races in May.  Track is a lot of fun, and shares a couple of the aspects of Wednesday Night Worlds that I really liked:  It's midweek, it's close, and the brevity of the races means I feel a lot more comfortable trying stuff.  Much as I hate to admit it, I also liked starting at the bottom, and getting to be strong and fit relative to a lot of the other people starting at the bottom.

Since the Indie Series is basically done and the Fat Tire Revolution series is too far away for me to want to compete, this was a very low-MTB racing season.  My two 'A' races were going to be the Padden Mountain Pedal and the Capitol Forest 50.

Since my lovely, beautiful fiancee had a conference to attend in Ocean Shores in June, I figured I'd preride for the Capitol Forest 50 on my home.  And maybe on the way over.  It turned out there was going to be a race there that weekend!  I decided to enter.  It was the Six Hours of Capitol Punishment, my first time doing an endurance race of the around and around and around format.  It ended up being a pretty difficult day on a bike.  Or, two bikes.

Not too long after that, I got promoted to Cat. 4 on the track, and did the Padden Mountain Pedal.  Padden went alright - I didn't feel like I had quite the legs to be as competitive as I was thinking I might, but I still did the race in a little less time than last year.

Then, lots of track racing.  I moved to a higher gear ratio.  I found I can often get away with solo attacks for long enough to get some points out of them.  I'm learning to locate myself well in a pack.  It's actually been very exciting, and left me curious about road racing too.  I wasn't ready for track to be over after the last race night on the 5th.

The Capitol Forest 50 went well too.  Like Padden, I managed to do it in a little less time than last year.  Although I'm even less sure how.

I find myself pretty unmotivated to do 'cross this season, but I'm going to be doing one on the 23rd because I'm volunteering for it and will be there anyway.  I had a bit of a bump of enthusiasm about doing 'cross, but I took an easy week before the Capitol Forest 50 and lost some of my momentum.  Simultaneously, I was starting to get more Omnium points on the track.  Now I'm done with that, and a good chunk of lots of races spaced a week apart.  We'll see if I get fired up about 'cross after the one on the 23rd.

Next year is a big question mark.  I'm tempted to get some more parts for the track bike, to be able to tune my gear ratio more and go a little higher again.  But I might not race track.  I've been telling myself for a couple years that I'd get a mountain bike that comes out of the box as a racer when I finish my degree and start making some money again.  But I might not be racing mountain bikes.  I've also been telling myself that I'd get a road bike that fits me.  But other things have always come up that seemed more important.  Hard to think of something more important than the wedding I have coming up...  but one way or another, I"ll ride bikes too.

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